Our Ethos

Australians are the second highest producers of waste per person in the world, with each of us sending almost 690 kilograms of waste to landfill each year. The hair industry has traditionally been known to be huge consumers of water and energy. Salons are also typically full of toxic chemicals and produce a large excess of waste.


Owners Diego Padilla Vargas and Zoran Petric have taken years of experience in the hair industry - in consultation with the health industry and the community - to ensure The Sustainable Salon is doing their bit to ensure we have a future for generations to come. We are a transparent organisation and here is how we achieve our mission:​

  • All our colour and product solutions are derived from leading sustainable beauty company Davines

  • We have engaged Sustainable Salons Australia to recycle and support our resource waste management solutions (paper, metal, hair, razors, chemical and plastic waste), where proceeds of recycling go toward charitable causes

  • We are Australia's first salon to use energy efficient technology from Tivok heat pumps for our hot water solutions

  • Our energy utility provider is from 100% renewable sources - Diamond Energy

  • Eco shower heads for our wash basins

  • We use coconut shells not plastic as our tint/colour bowls

  • We serve brewed tea, pour-over hot coffee and use a cold-drip coffee maker to serve the tastiest refreshments - NO nasty pods or coffee machines used on site 

  • Unique shop fit-out upcycled and recycled from all over NSW

  • LED lighting, NO washing maching or dryer, biodegradeable towels, plant-based soaps and cleaners, sugar-cane toliet paper, compost food-waste

  • Lots of plants and vegetaion to oxygenate the space

  • Our clients are offered rewards & incentives to recycle

  • Our team embrace and administer the salon's principles, with the appointment of a sustainability co-ordinator

Come and experience our sustainable ethos for yourself.


The Sustainable Salon

Community-minded, ethical and non-toxic hair salon in Surry Hills, Sydney Australia


(02) 9699 1111

49 Waterloo St, 
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

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