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Cuts & Styling*

Women's Creative / Style Cut 

Women's Maintenance Trim

Women's Short Hair Cut       

Men's style cut                        

Men's barber cut                    

Men's crew cut 

Beard Trim                      

Teen boys cut                         

Teen girls cut                                                       

Blow-dry/Up-styling                       $120

Blow-dry with tint / highlights


Free: all or cutting services include hair wash and blow-dry.

Please call or drop by for the most accurate quote.          


1/4 Head                                         $130

1/2 Head                               

Full Head 

per foil


Tinting & Treatments

Root touch-up/short hair        

Semi Permanent color           

Medium length hair              

Long length hair                   

Full Head Powder lightener         

Balayage & Ombre

Gloss color and toning                  $75 

Post color Treatment                     $25

Protein Treatment                          $45

Plex Treatment                               $90        

Keratin treatment from                  $300

Men's Colouring

Permanent Color                











$65 - $75











$75 - $90


New payment policies 

Due to the increasing number of people not attending or cancelling appointments at the last minute  we are now applying the below payment policies. We really appreciate your business and trust that you will understand.

  •  We will require a 50% deposit for any appointment. The deposit can be paid  by direct bank transfer or card over the phone or email.

  • For cancellations and any changes we require 36 hours notice. Your deposit will remain for your rescheduled appointment if you wish to do so .

  • If you have not cancelled or rescheduled within 36 hours notice and don't  show up to your appointment, you will forfeit your deposit plus a further 50% to cover the total value of the service you are booked in.

  • Thank you for your understanding.

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